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John Holderman - Star Box

February 2019 Demo

The Demo for February 2019 will be John Holderman making a Star Box.

This months demo was an exciting one. Some in the audience thought that is was a little dangerous but John has practiced this project many times and was very confident is the fixturing and the turning techniques. The ‘Star Box’ is a glue up project and requires some skill with the table saw and some jig building to get the components to fit and glue correctly.

Once glued up the open segmented assembly is turned first on a screw chuck and then reversed on a four jaw scroll chuck. John turns at very high speeds to get clean cuts on the turning. The high speed with a ‘propellor’ type turning like this made the sawdust shavings travel throughout the audience. Be sure to wear eye protection and perhaps a dust mask.

John Holderman

John is the Dallas Area Woodturner club Program Director.

I joined DAW in 2009 and have been enjoying the great knowledge base and expertise of this club ever since.  A couple years ago I took a Jimmy Clewes class on turning an oriental winged box and wanted to use what I learned in my own way.  I remembered that a few years ago a friend asked me to make her a start for the top of her Christmas tree so I dug up that project, made some modifications and created my star box with a touch of Texas in it.  I’ll discuss the concepts of this fun project and a few variations as well as turn one to show you the unique process.

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  1. Jim Cooper

    In your opinion what is the best midi lathe. I have never used a lathe.

    1. Tod

      It is all a matter of opinion but I would say the Jest 1221 and the Laguna 1216 are good solid machines. There are many more so look around. Go to the local suppliers and take a look and feel and ask questions.

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