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Planet Mesquite by John Tisdale

The August club meeting featured John Tisdale show and describing the very large turnings he is known for.

Here are some photo.


I am the current Vice President of the Dallas Area Woodturners club. I have been an active member of the club since 2004. I am also the President of the Trinity River Woodturners Council, which is a council of the five woodturning clubs in the DFW area.

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  1. Bob Brown

    I’m trying to get more information on John Tisdales tool rest. Thanks

    1. Tod

      Bob, I sent your request to John. It is up to him to respond or not.

      1. Bob Brown

        Tod, yes he did. Enjoyed an hour discussion that makes one rethink some approaches to hollowing. Thanks alot, Bob

  2. Bob Brown

    Tod, yes I had a good hour discussion that sheds light on new ideas for hollowing. Thanks for your help, Bob

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