Hands-On Woodturning Retreat 2021

We are looking forward to holding a retreat in the fall of 2021. We are planning now for the event.

Some of the comments from the last event …

I turned my share of new things, had a blast, and met some great people that will be friends for many years to come. The hospitality from the Trinity River gang was second to none and much appreciated. I look forward to doing this again! …Joe

GREAT GREAT event. I’m looking forward to next year’s retreat. I’m bringing friends probably. Keep up the good work. …Steve

Due to the ongoing risks of the COVID-19 pandemic and the timeliness of the vaccine rollout, there is a possibility we may have to cancel. However, we will make that decision later in the year before registration begins.

For more information go to:  http://www.trinityriverwoodturners.net/

Call for instructors

Instructors can expect to have four attendees per class. Each class will last 2 hours, possibly longer. The lathes are typically mini lathes so plan accordingly. Each instructor will need to provide:

    A class description
    A photo of the finished project (if applicable)
    A photo of them selves
    A list of tools required that each attendee should bring.

If you are interested in teaching this year please reach out to Ron Howe. (eventmgr@trinityriverwoodturners.net)

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