From Tree to Finished Piece Class fills the void for Natural Edge and Void Turners

DAW member Kevin Bassett imparted some of his 25 years of experience turning wood with natural features like live edges and voids. It was cold, but the folks that braved the weather to attend honed their turning skills and produced some nice pieces.

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  1. Elizabeth Salazar

    I have an over 45 yr. old Ornamental Pear Tree in my back yard. It just died. It’s a big tree. I don’t want it to be thrown away. A friend of mine suggested that I find a local wood turners group.
    I’d rather donate this tree and hope that somebody in your group might enjoy making different things with this wood??
    My oak tree in the front yard was split in h as lf many years ago. When it’s gone. I will opt for a wood turners group again. I don’t just want yo throw them away. They have been such beautiful trees.
    If anyone is interested?? Please contact me at 469-380-3629. Or email @.
    Thank – you kindly,
    Elizabeth Salazar

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