SWAT 2021 – Paid volunteers needed

Each year the Southwest Association of Woodturners (SWAT) provides an opportunity for woodturners to get together in one place to fellowship with other turners, share ideas and techniques, expand their education, watch demonstrations and purchase top-rate tools and products from the many vendors. It will be held

August 27-29, 2021

Waco Convention Center

100 Washington Avenue, Waco, TX

Information on registration, events and demonstrations can be found here.


The Dallas Area Woodturners club is participating and will be supporting the demonstrators in the Ranger Room during the event. This means we are need of volunteers to help at each session plus pack up. Ken Rodgers who does the club A/V will be doing the A/V for the Ranger Room. He will be at all sessions. The volunteers are there to help Ken. They will be a gopher for the demonstrator, handout items, help Ken setup and cleanup. No special skills required, but if you’d like to training on the A/V equipment please contact webmaster@dallaswoodturners.com.

A stipend of $50.00 per session per person will be paid. If someone does two sessions they get $100.00. Same for setup Thursday afternoon and teardown on Sunday afternoon.   Below is a list of the demonstrator and time of each session. You may volunteer for multiple sessions. 1 volunteer is needed for each session.

Please volunteer for your session(s) by going to the time slot in the Events list on this site and using the ticket/RSVP form ($0) to volunteer.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start times listed.

  1. Friday        8/27 10:30 am    Sally Ault       Baby Rattles
  2. Friday        8/27 1:30 pm    Stuart Batty
  3. Friday       8/27 4:00 pm      Linda Ferber  Mark Making with Power
  4. Saturday   8/28 8:00 am      Stuart Batty
  5. Saturday  8/28 10:30 am  Alan Lacer    Skew Basics
  6. Saturday   8/28 1:30 pm    Stuart Batty 
  7. Saturday   8/28 4:00 pm    Alan Lacer    Skew Basics
  8. Sunday     8/29 8:00 am    Stuart Batty
  9. Sunday     8/29 10:30 am    Sally Ault      Baby Rattles

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  1. Ken Rodgers

    I do not know how to find my list of Ranger Room volunteers.in the Website. I expected it to be on the page listing the demonstrators.

    Scott Grove needs to be replaced with Stuart Batty. His 2 topics are listed on the swaturners.org website.

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