October Member Creation Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to Chris Cohen who won the open competition first place prize worth $50.

Congratulations to Steve Thomason who won the advanced competition first place prize worth $50

All entries can be seen in the Member Creations forum on the DAW website.

Note – New rule. Anyone winning first place in the Open competition 3 times will be only eligible for the Advanced contest. 3 time First Place Open winners should only post in the Advanced contest thread. See this post for totals https://dallaswoodturners.com/community/main-category-daw-member-creations/showcase-first-place-winners-list/#post-248

Chris Cohen
Steve Thomason

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  1. Kevin Bassett

    Great job! Now it’s Holiday turnings for next month. There ought to be a lot of really good entries. The more who enter the more prizes awarded. Let’s see your holiday spirit! Also, this make great items to donate for the Christmas Party Auction & Raffle.

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