February Member Creation Contest Theme. Win Prizes.

The theme for February is “Things that Spin”. Anything from tops, toys, lazy susans, whatever else you can think of. If it spins, it’s eligible.

Please post your entries in either the Advanced or Open contest forums. Winners will be determined at the DAW board meeting in March and announced here.

Open Contest: https://dallaswoodturners.com/community/main-category-daw-member-creations/february-2022-member-turning-showcase-theme-things-that-spin-open-skill-level-prizes-awarded/#post-333

Advanced Contest: https://dallaswoodturners.com/community/main-category-daw-member-creations/february-2022-member-turning-showcase-theme-things-that-spin-advanced-skill-level-prizes-awarded/#post-332

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