Show me your Shop!

After talking to a lot of you it has come to me that we all are trying to make what space we have in our shops work.

I know that every time I go to someone’s shop I am always looking around to see what ideas I can “steal”. If not for my shop now, but my future shop as well.

I think the key is having an understanding wife or husband to allow you to use as much space as you have as you can. My current shop is simply a two car garage, I am “allowed” to use the whole garage as long as I can bring her car in during times of hail.

So I will start by showing you my shop. Feel free to “steal” any ideas I have or please offer me your suggestions.

Everything in my shop is on wheels except my lathe. This allows me to be able to put her car in quickly.

Chris Cohen

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  1. Kevin Bassett

    Wow!!! A neat clean, well organized shop!
    I would have to work for a week to get my shop photo worthy! Mrs B kicked me out of the garage years ago. Poor women, didn’t know she was marrying “Pig Pen”!

  2. Christopher Guerrero

    I agree with Kevin, very nice and clean shop. I think I’ll start cleaning mine now so I can maybe show it one day.
    Thanks for sharing Chris

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