Beads of Courage, Inc has partnered with The American Association of Woodturners. Over 60,000 children in 260 hospitals across the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and United Kingdom participate in program. These children are all battling serious illness. As a child goes through the journey on treatment for cancer, blood conditions, heart disease or severe burns, they collect colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage that commemorates milestones they have achieved along their unique treatment path. The Dallas Area Woodturners is participating by making boxes and we have agreed to collect these boxes for the Beads of Courage and deliver them to the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and to the Medical City Children’s Hospital. Just bring your contributions to any regular meeting and we will see that they get delivered to the Beads of Courage organization.

Beads of Courage – Make a Box, Help a Child (Pre-Cut Kits Available)

The DAW has pre-cut segmented box kits which are ready for glue-up and turning.  Just pick up a kit, turn the box, and return it at a monthly meeting.  We have directions for making the segmented box as well as guidelines for the size and finish. For more information about the Beads of Courage program please talk to Kevin Bassett at the next meeting.

Read more about DAW Beads of Courage involvement in the April 2019 issue of the American Woodturner – Journal of the American Association of Woodturners.

The average bead collection is over 500 beads and a special box will only enhance the meaning for the child.

child with Beads of Courage and box

Beads of Courage Boxes Delivered to Children’s Hospital!

Kevin Bassett delivered a total of 37 Beads of Courage boxes to Children’s Hospital in Dallas. Members who made this donation possible were Lou Boudreaux who made 28, Kevin Bassett with 4, T. Fischer and Bill Kirk with 2 each, and 1 from Shawn Rogers. A special Thanks to each of you. Your gift of time and skill is greatly appreciated! Please see the post below on how you can make Beads of Courage boxes!

Left to Right: Kevin Bassett – Melinda Goff – Haleigh Stewart
Photo by: Chloe Popovich, May 2023

Dallas Area Woodturners 202337 Boxes Contributed

Lou Boudreaux28
Kevin Bassett4
Todd Fischer3
Bill Kirk2
Shawn Rogers1

Dallas Area Woodturners 202138 Boxes Contributed

Lou Boudreaux26
Shawn Rogers7
Todd Fischer3
Ed Mastin1
Jim LaRocca1

Dallas Area Woodturners 2020 – 125 Boxes Contributed

Dallas Area Woodturners 2019 goal = 110 Boxes Contributed