If you are a member and would like your work represented here, send an email to admin@dallaswoodturners.com. We would love to see turnings from beginner, intermediate, and advanced turners! The photos don’t have to be fancy – just take some cell-phone shots and send them to admin@dallaswoodturners.com . Don’t be shy!

You can optionally also send a headshot photo, any social media links (Instagram, websites, YouTube, Etsy, AAW gallery, etc.) and any brief comments on whether you take commissions, teach classes, etc.  By default, your email will be included unless you tell us otherwise.  Contact us if you have any questions!

If you would like to add details about a particular turning, consider posting a photo of the turning along with a description on the member creation forum.

John Struckmeyer

Dick Koch

Ron Giordano

Items are not for sale.

Kevin Bassett

I do commissioned work, antique repair, and teaching via demos and mentoring