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Member Resource links are active for paid members who have logged in and include demo event videos/resources and club mentor contacts for advancing your woodturning skills. Free videos and other resources where we have permission from the provider may be found on the Public Resources page.


1. Mentor List DAW members that are willing to help others with their woodturning skills including: Bowls, Finials, Hollowing, Boxes, Miniatures, Ornaments, Platters, Spindles, and Texturing.


2. Burn Texturing and Fire Sanding with Michael Kehs Club Meeting – January 2021

3. Turning a Lidded Box – Sam Angelo – Club Meeting – February 2021

4. German Ring Turning – Simon Begg – Club Meeting – March 2021

5. Joanne Sauvageau Stencils and Coloring – Club Meeting – April 2021

6. Turning a Torus Vase -Craig Timmerman – Club Meeting – May 2021

8. Gary Sanders – Turning a 3 Piece Box – Club Meeting – September 2021

9. Janice Levi – Inside Out Ornament and Pyrography -Club Meeting February 2022