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1. Mentor List – DAW members that are willing to help others with their woodturning skills including: Bowls, Finials, Hollowing, Boxes, Miniatures, Ornaments, Platters, Spindles, and Texturing.


2. Burn Texturing and Fire Sanding with Michael Kehs Club Meeting – January 2021

Demo video, Bur Sharpening video and and instructions for Making a Shop Made Burning Pen.

3. Turning a Torus Vase with Craig Timmerman

4. Turning a Lidded Box – Sam Angelo – Club Meeting – February 2021

Public Resources

Workshop Safety

Here are the club safety rules and guidelines for working in any shop, club managed or private shop.

Club Supporters

Project and Technique Videos

Dallas Area Woodturners YouTube Channel

Projects and Turning Tips

Free Web Events

April 2021

Note – Be sure to check the timezone on events as they vary.

WIT (Women in Turning) Presents: Barbara Dill

When:  Apr 10, 2021 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (ET)

“WIT Presents” features conversations with woodturning artists, teachers, demonstrators, and/or people of interest to WIT members.

Join us for this FREE online event as Barbara relates her artistic journey talking about her art and her inspiration, and sharing insights. We will have a Q&A session following the presentation.

The WIT Presents events are FREE and open to EVERYONE. However, you must register to attend. Registration is limited to 500. This presentation is NOT a demonstration. Rather, it is intended to inspire your own creativity.

Ask the Woodturner / Open Studio

by Jim Echter

When:  Apr 11, 2021 starting 12:00 noon (ET)

Ask the Woodturner / Open Studio
Presented in High Definition
by Jim Echter

Personal Interactive Remote Demo from the comfort of your shop or home.

Just like the title says. Jim will be in his studio to answer questions or explain techniques or processes. Take advantage of speaking with a production turner with over 40 years’ experience.

Date: Sunday, April 11 12 noon (ET)
Price: Free

Register Here

Wood Reference searchable online reference for wood identification. Info on grain, color, toxicity, hardness and much more. of info on spalted wood including making your own from the Applied Mycology Lab at Oregon State University, step-by-step process to identify a tree by the kinds of leaves it produces from the Arbor Day Foundation
Woodturning organizations Association of Woodturners The mothership of the woodturning community in North America. of the AAW with board members from Dallas Area Woodturners (DAW), East Texas Woodturners (ETW), Golden Triangle Woodturners (GTW), Hunt County Woodturners (HCW), and Woodturners of North Texas (WNTX). South West Association of Turners (SWAT) holds one of the largest woodturning symposiums in the world yearly in Waco, TX
http://www.wntx.orgBased in Ft. Worth, the Woodturners of North Texas is an AAW chapter serving North Texas. in Tyler, TX the East Texas Woodturners Association is an AAW Chapter serving East Texas Golden Triangle Woodturners is an AAW chapter located in Denton, Texas Hunt County Wood Turners is an AAW chapter located in Greenville Texas Dallas Area Woodturners is an AAW chapter located in Dallas, Texas Makerspace is a shared community workshop and laboratory. We are an organized group of local artists, engineers, makers, and thinkers who work together to provide tools and learning resources to the public.
/ Segmented Woodturners Association is an AAW chapter devoted to the art and craft of segmented woodturning
Wood Art in downtown Saint Paul, MN, the Gallery of Wood Art is sponsored by the American Association of Woodturners Center for Art in Wood, formerly the Wood Turning Center, has been widely recognized as a valuable resource for the preservation and promotion of the field of art made from wood of Woodturners, A site where woodturners can post photos and descriptions of their work and engage in discussion about their art.
Segmented Turning Reference/Utilities Woodturning (Secrets and Tips for the Beginner) Ring Calculator 1 Ring Calculator 2 Ring Calculator 3 Cuts Calculator
General Reference and Millimeter to Decimal Conversion Table Size Conversion Table
Fract. (in)/Decimal/(mm)/Wire No. or Letter Size And Conversion Table for geometric shapes (2D) and solids (3D
Woodworking Forums and community dedicated to pen turning Creek Woodworking Community
Vintage Machinery



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